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Tactile Sound is the most significant addition you can make to your Home Theater

Bass Traps

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Bass Traps provide even bass response, plus improved bass performance.
It also diffuses mid & high frequencies, plus is a mid-bass absorber - all in one!

Corner Bass Trap

Advanced Corner Bass Trap:
$575 + Shipping Cost
Medium Diffusor w/Corner Bass Trap
Absorbs 40-300Hz
Diffuses 200-20kHz.
21" w x 18" d x 42" h
Custom Sizing Available

For Shipping Cost Please Call Toll Free 866-243-1001 M-F 9 am-5 pm Central
Allow 24-48 Business Hours for Quote

The advanced Corner Bass Trap simplifies the creation of natural-sounding professionally–accurate bass in acoustic spaces. The core of the Corner Bass Trap is an innovative Diffusor, an improved version of those used in classic studios since the 1930's. These have proved to minimize flat–surface reflection problems by broadly and evenly scattering sound energy.

The Corner Trap's Diffusor also acts as a diaphragmatic mid–bass absorber and includes a built–in mass–loaded vinyl (MLV) membrane low–bass trap. It solves the two biggest acoustical issues — diffusing mid–to–high frequencies and controlling low bass frequencies. The Corner Bass Trap is unique, offering two complete solutions for the price of one product.

The Advanced Corner Bass Trap is a Diffusor with an additional absorptive Bass Trap. Three Corner Bass Traps widths integrate perfectly with two matching models.  The right combination and placement of  system components will optimize your acoustic space and because of their coherent design, all system products look great together.

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The advanced Corner Bass Trap — Simple, Accurate, Affordable Acoustics

After a century of acoustical research, it's widely agreed that rooms with the right balance of diffusion and absorption are far more natural-sounding and source-accurate than rooms without proper diffusion or with too much absorption. The system was created with a simple, accurate, and affordable way to achieve natural-sounding acoustics.

Corner Bass Trap
Used w/Medium Diffusor

Corner Bass Trap
Bass Trap w/Med. Diffusor

Included at Right $575 ea. plus Shipping

Why The advanced Corner Bass Trap is Better:

Why This System is better:


Seating Riser Bass Trap Platform:

To build the perfect Seating Riser Bass Trap Platform, click here.


Bass Trap Fabric Material Colors:

Note: Colors will vary from screen to screen, call us for actual fabric swatch samples for an exact color match - (866) 243-1001.

Anchorage Fabric Facing Colors for Corner Bass Trap:

Click for larger samples.

Red Delicious Onyx Slate Amber Pumpkin Pine Needle
Midnight Quarry Blue Wolf Willow Straw Angora
Aubergine Mulberry Cobalt Eucalyptus Green Olive Goose
Cumin Deep Water Henna Asteroid Sea Vanilla
Graphite Sunshine Coffee Bean Geranium Thistle Green Apple
Goldenrod Poppy Fossil Lapis Birch  


FR701 Fabric Facing Colors for Corner Bass Trap:

Click for larger samples.

Wheat Wedgewood Baltic Crystal Blue Grey Mix Medium Grey
Quartz Aquamarine Rose Quartz Opal Cherry Neutral Apricot Neutral
Green Neutral Vanilla Neutral Blue Neutral Black Silver Neutral Lavendar Neutral
Claret Accent Cinnabar Pumice Amethyst Buff Blue Spruce
Eucalyptus Ultramarine Sienna Pearl Bayberry Chrome Green
Bleu Papier Bronze Silver Papier Blue Plum Verte Papier Deep Burgundy
Straw Bone Dune Cement Mix Terra Lilac
Violet Light Moss Leaf Lake Stream Desert Sand