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Tactile Sound is the most significant addition you can make to your Home Theater

Home Theater Product, Design & Install Tips & Tricks

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CinemaShop Home Theater Secrets and Home Install Tips
Distilled from our many years of system design experience.

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Movie Poster Display Tips


Room Acoustics Tips

Seating Tips


Starfield Ceiling Tips


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Balance Your System

Calibrate Your Home Theater
One of the most important things for your home theater is to balance (or calibrate) your speakers.

Decor Tip #1 - Seating

Home Theater Seating Tips
Tips on selecting & installing home theater seating.

Decor Tip #2 - Movie Posters

Movie Poster Marquee Display Tips
A look at different movie poster displays, the differences & tips for selecting & installing them.

Designing - Home Theater Basics

Basic Home Theater System Theory
Room requirements for a proper design.

Design - New Home Systems

Basic Whole-House System Design

Design - Existing Home Systems

Existing Home System Design Tips

Equipment Tips and Secrets

How to buy the Right Products

Hookup Your System #1

Brand Specific Hookup Advice

Hookup Your System #2

General Hookup Advice

Hookup Your System #3

Product Specific Hookup Advice

Installing Wall Mounts

A few basic rules for wall-mounting equipment.

Installation Checklist #1

Existing Home Installation Checklist
For installing a home theater in an existing home, this checklist will help your installation go smoothly.

Installation Checklist #2

New Home Installation Checklist
For building a new home with a home theater,
this checklist will help your installation go smoothly.

Installation Tip #1 - Coax

Coaxial TV Wiring
Coaxial cable video distribution wire tips and tricks.

Installation Tip #2 - Dishes

DBS/DSS Satellite Installation Tips
Tips on cable selection and wiring for your DBS/DSS satellite system.

Installation Tip #3 - General Tips

General Installation Help
Common sense tips for installation work.

Installation Tip #4 - Terms

Glossary of Home Installation Terms

Installation Tip #5 - IR

Infrared Repeater Wiring and Installation

Installation Tip #6 - In-Walls

In-Wall/In-Ceiling Wiring and Installation

Installation Tip #7 - Speakers

Speaker Wiring and Installation

Installation Tip #8 - Subs

Subwoofer Wiring and Installation

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