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Star Panel Bluetooth Remote Control App

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Bluetooth® control option available on every CineStarPanel™

For a small fee, our Android® or Apple® iOS app is available as a revolutionary solution for controlling your star effects, shooting star frequency, and optional LED perimeter lighting - all from your phone or tablet!  We are absolutely delighted to provide our customers with such a simple and intuitive solution for their Star Panel controls! We email instructions for either Android® or Apple® apps with purchase.

Star Panel Remote Control App

Our CineStarPanel™ Bluetooth« remote control app (Android« and Apple« iOS versions) allows you to adjust the twinkling pattern on our star panels plus turns the starfield on and off. If you choose our popular shooting star option, you can adjust the firing frequency from 1, 2, 5 or 10 minute sequences, or turn the shooting star off - all from your cell phone or tablet. The app can also control our optional multicolor accent lighting (see below).

Star Panel Multi-Color Accent Lighting Option

We can add accent lighting to surround the upper perimeter of our Star Panels, to bathe the surrounding ceiling in multi-color light (see blue ceiling below left). We can configure the lighting for your own molding under the star panel perimeter, which creates an artificial “cloud horizon” effect (see blue ceiling below right).

The Bluetooth« app on your Android« or Apple« iOS device can change the color with a scroll wheel, or by preset color buttons. You can change the intensity of the light, in addition to fading between colors with variable speed. Our accent lighting can also be added to other room areas for cove lighting, riser step lighting, and more.

Don't be fooled by lesser products, as they may be less dependable and most can't provide the realism that CineStarPanel™ products offer. We have 8 LED's on our master board, while so-called competitors use 3-4 LED bulbs,  or even less - which won't provide the overall light output and contrast between the bright, medium, dim and twinkling stars. Many competing products use single sized fiber strands, while the best way to create a realistic star pattern is by using 3 different diameters of fibers. Also, many competing products do not offer our advanced programmable twinkling star feature, which significantly enhances realism. Everything you need is pre-installed in each CineStarPanel™. This creates the finest star ceiling presentation that we know of and will give you many years of enjoyment.

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